Delaying Repossession while you sell your home

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If you have come to the decision you want to sell your home and think that is the only way the lender will delay proceedings there is a few things to consider.

If your lender agrees to delay court action because you’re selling your home you will need to give them proof you’ve arranged for your property to be assessed.

They will also most likely ask for your appointed Estate Agent & Solicitor to communicate offers with them directly. In effect you will no longer feel in charge of your own house sale which may cause a problem especially if you have any equity to save in your house.

Your lenders motive will be to get the property sold as fast as possible so they can recoup their debt & outstanding mortgage balance.

Also they will expect you to stick to any payment plans you might have agreed while your house is up for sale. Bare in mind selling your house on the open market via an estate agent can take anything from 3/6 months to sell and complete depending on region, house demand etc. This can lead to a very stressful time for home owners.

Rapid Sale can combat all of the above. We can agree on a good price for your property for cash. We can prove to your lender we have the funds in place and that we can complete in 7 days. You won’t need an Estate Agent (that will need paying). We have an in-house experienced Solicitor that can deal with your lender and the court for you if needed, so you don’t need to even find and pay a solicitor, we cover all these costs. Best of all we can agree for you to stay in the property for up to 3 months on a rent free basis giving you more time to get sorted out.

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