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Contacted Adam on the Sunday before Easter , and after what was a tricky and pretty complicated situation Adam was able to get my property sold stopping my double eviction in its tracks. Leaving us with a tidy sum in our pockets… The patience of a god with all our questions enquiries and worries, reassured us all the way through , we are smiling in a way we haven’t done for a while. Thanks Adam “simply the best”Mrs. Dawkins
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We Can Buy Any House

If you are facing home owner repossession or last minute eviction, then we can help… Our service is a must for any home owner experiencing difficulties in selling their property fast to stop or avoid repossession. We can stop lender repossession in as little as 30 minutes in most cases. We can purchase your property for cash in just 7 days or sooner.

100% Free Service

Our service is designed to be simple & hassle free for you the home owner. You won’t have any financial outlay, no commissions, no legal fees, conveyancing fees and no estate agent fees to pay. What we offer is what you receive guaranteed, it’s that simple. We will deal with sorting out your lender, sort out all the paper work so you don’t have to.

Free Qualified Advice

Talk to us first, in more cases or not we can advise the best route to take. We know how to deal with lenders and courts, we can advise on the full repossession process and timescales you can expect. Our advice is Free and just a phone call or click away. We have a full in-house solicitor who has offices through-out the U.K.

Any Condition

We Buy in Any Condition, so don’t be worried if you think you house needs work. We don’t take into account the condition of the property when making our offer. We don’t do any surveys or home visits. We take all the risk.

Competitive Prices

We can stop the fear of the unknown and the uncertainty of not knowing what will happen when facing repossession or eviction from your home. We don’t work on fixed % discounts when making offers, we take each property on its own merit based on type & location and then we make the best competitive cash offer we can.

Rent Free Stay

After we have purchased your property, we can then give you up to 3 months rent free stay after cash completion. This means once contacting us, you really are in no rush – even if you are facing repossession. We are the only company in the U.K to offer this as it needs great resources. On average this is worth £500 – £1500 in rent per month, depending on region.